Purpose & Objectives of SPUDS

1.     To support and promote the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates at all levels of government, in any partisan race.

2.     The exertion of influence on the Democratic Party to continue its historic role as a party which promotes social justice, the local, state and national interest, and the needs of all the people.

3.     To keep the San Patricio United Democrats area community informed of the Democratic Party and its principles. For example, through political rallies, qualified speakers on current events or happenings, letters to the editor, telephone banks, block Walking, and a newsletter to interested citizens and voters.

4.     The San Patricio United Democrats will concentrate its activities primarily in San Patricio County Voter Precincts, in cooperation with the San Patricio County Democratic Party and those elected or appointed Democratic Precinct Chairs for these precincts.

San Patricio Democratic Party Website